Your Checklist For Chartering A Liveaboard In Indonesia

With some of the most epic and well documented diving in the world, Indonesia has become a popular destination for travellers looking to indulge in the wonders of the sea. But serious divers face a choice upon arrival: to locate themselves on the shores of various islands and travel by land, or to fully indulge […]

Attention Shark Lovers! This one’s for you…

All over the globe, there are divers and adventurers who are completely obsessed with sharks. They’re the ones avidly watching shark videos and writing ‘swimming with sharks’ as an item on their bucket lists. They’re the ones researching tropical destinations, chartering boats to shark-infested waters, booking tours to see baby sharks, and they’re most often […]

Wild & Adventurous Honeymoon In Komodo

If you have ever been to a fortune teller, you probably know that REAL fortune tellers don’t tell what must be, they tell what might be.  Could this be your future? Could this be the story you will tell your grandkids, when they clamor “Tell us about the dragons again!” Coyly, you’ll tease: “You mean Game […]

Komodo National Park Marine Conservation Program

In grandfather’s day, you just left a piece of deer for the dragon. Now, locals working for Komodo National Park have their hands full protecting the environment from threats like bombs and deliberate cyanide poisoning. It is a tough and sometimes controversial job, but their efforts are making a huge difference. People here have been […]

Sharks in Raja Ampat – Walking and Swimming

Thanks in part to divers, sharks in Raja Ampat are protected. In 2013, the government of Raja Ampat created the first shark sanctuary in the Coral Triangle. Mantra Dive and Sail helps the government collect funds for the vast protected area. Shark fishing is banned in all 46,000 square kilometers of Raja Ampat’s marine territory. […]

Manta Point Komodo – A Sanctuary For Manta Ray

Speak with anyone about diving in Indonesia and you’ll see their eyes light up as they reminisce about interacting with the majestic Manta Ray of the Komodo Islands. The Komodo National Park offers sanctuary to more of these beautiful creatures than most other places in the world and is truly unmissable for the intrepid traveller. […]

Four of the Best Raja Ampat Dive Sites

Raja Ampat dive sites offer world record bio-diversity in pristine seas with thriving coral. Around three-fourths of the world’s coral varieties grow in these nutrient-rich waters. Dense clouds of fish representing over a thousand species swarm over the vibrant coral reef. And an amazing tiny world of “macro” creatures hides in cracks and lurk in […]

Best Komodo Dive Sites – Currents

The Komodo Islands offer liveaboard travellers world class diving. The area is famous for its thrilling drift dives and teeming fish life. Pelagics are abundant at sites near the open ocean, and macro species find their niche here in cracks and crannies in the thriving coral. We’ve covered several excellent Komodo dive sites in a […]