Wild & Adventurous Honeymoon In Komodo

If you have ever been to a fortune teller, you probably know that REAL fortune tellers don’t tell what must be, they tell what might be.  Could this be your future? Could this be the story you will tell your grandkids, when they clamor “Tell us about the dragons again!” Coyly, you’ll tease: “You mean Game of Thrones?” “No! The REAL dragons!” cries the chorus. And so once again you re-live one of your fondest memories, the tale of your Wild and Adventurous Honeymoon in Komodo. Your favorite story, the one you always tell each other when the sailing gets rough. The one that reminds you why you and your first mate picked each other for this voyage called life.

Read on and see if this fortune fits.

Imagine yourself awaking on a yacht….

liveaboard boat on honeymoon in Komodo
The Mantra Liveaboard Yacht On A Honeymoon Voyage

Your Komodo Honeymoon Story?

You awake to a dream. Five days ago, you got married in the cold and kissed everyone in the receiving line. You appeared politely at the reception, scarcely able to contain your excitement, and then ran for the plane. Now, you slowly open your eyes. The soft golden light of pre-dawn reveals the glowing wood of your cabin – the curtains wave in a light breeze – and the sea, smooth as a mirror, shines invitingly. You feel like you are floating. Perhaps because you are floating, rocking almost imperceptibly.  None of it seems real.

But then the person who will put their foot in your back almost every morning for the rest of their life stirs, shifts, and puts their foot in your back. You can hardly feel the foot, feeling so much love. Love for the one who inspired you to hope, who drove you to save, who planned with you to make it happen. And now you are living the dream together. The adventure of your life is beginning with a Wild and Adventurous Honeymoon in Komodo.

Your Luxury Liveaboard Honeymoon Yacht

Knowing your beloved will sleep for another 10 or 15 minutes, you open the door to your cabin and climb the stairs the deck. Somehow, the crew are never visible, except when you need them for something, or you want to take a picture. Right now, you don’t need anything, and the scene is so perfect you just want to take it in, disconnected. But in 15 minutes when you are feeling ready for a fruit juice, you are pretty sure the steward will pop around the corner with his contagious grin.

The yacht itself is perfectly, iconic-ly romantic. Something about sailing is, in itself, romantic. Travel and adventure are at the heart of the romantic concept. Relying on the wind and using guess work to avoid bad weather can be an adventure, but the Mantra and her crew take that part of adventure of out sailing: the engine and sophisticated safety equipment ensures the Mantra will be where you want her to be when you want her to be there, and safely. The adventures on Mantra are all the good kind.

The decor is exquisite, the texture of the textiles and the wood. The dramatic, defiant profile of the Phinisi design of the 60 foot wooden sailing yacht. The brilliant white of the sails, the gleaming fittings and James-Bond looking safety gadgetry at the bridge. You are not sure what “Yar” means, but you think its a good thing, and the Mantra seems tres Yar. Yarrrr even, perhaps. The Mantra sleeps crew plus 8, so it’s quite roomy for a honeymoon couple.

Three days ago, you sailed from Labujan Bajo to Sabolon. A pod of dolphins joined you for a half hour as you neared the coast of Sabolon. Wanting to ease into the ocean, you opted for a snorkel over a spectacular coral reef, the healthiest you’ve ever seen, teeming with fish. In the shallows near the reef, down in the muck your dive guide found a peacock mantis shrimp and you both came over and watched the amazing colorful creature flit about in the sediment.

The Untold Story of the Beach Barbecue

For dinner, the chef prepared a barbecue on a white sand beach.  Three kinds of fish with sauces of tropical fruit, rice and vegetables with coconut cake for dessert. Telepathic as always, before your mutual whispering had turned into an awkward giggle inducing query, the steward had offered to take the dining set up back to the boat and leave you alone on a white sand beach in the twilight. There begins a chapter that you don’t tell the grandkids. Except for the part where you were… really focused on something, when suddenly the starry sky above was filled with thousands of flying foxes.

The Kayak Expedition to Paradise

The next day was absolutely magical. You said you wanted to have an adventure and you did. Equipped with a radio and vests for safety, you set off, the two of you, alone together in a kayak. Leaving the boat behind, you paddled through the open ocean to a tiny island. Conditions were calm, but it was an incomparable feeling – so small, the two of you, in the vastness of the ocean. And yet, tiny though they be, the experience really highlighted how immensely important your companion is.

The thrill of the open ocean gave way to relief as the islands shores drew near. As you paddled into a blue lagoon ringed by white sand beaches and vibrantly green trees, you saw reef below, swarming with fish. A school of smaller fish erupted from the surface, jumping to avoid something below and raining back down, splashing all around your kayak. You had a picnic on the beach, took out your snorkeling gear, set it back down and got on with the part of the story you don’t tell the kids. At sunset, when the yacht tender came to pick you up, a pod of dolphins followed you to the boat. You realized you had not seen anyone but your beloved all day, and you loved it.

Peacock Mantis Shrimp
Everyone Already Knows What Dragons Look Like. Look! A Peacock Mantis Shrimp

The Day of the Dragons

This is the one the kids always want to hear. It’s certainly not something you’ll ever forget. So massive! But so quick! A bit of effort, tromping around in the sun to find them, but so very worth it. Was it your favorite day? It’s hard to say really… part of what you love about that day is sharing it with the kids. When your parents offered to foot half the honeymoon bill, you knew it would be a gift that would keep on giving forever. To some, such extravagance might seem frivolous. But really, it was an investment. How many times over has it paid off when an inside joke from the trip has broken the tension in a moment of disagreement? A honeymoon to last a lifetime. (Click for More about Komodo Dragons…)

divers on komodo honeymoon
Divers on Honeymoon in Komodo

Choose Your Honeymoon Adventure

When you first put your toe in the water to test this plan, the friendly agent at Mantra offered a sample itinerary, saying “You can change the plan however you wish.” “Umm…. can we change it by just….eliminating it?” “Why yes, of course sir! When you charter the Mantra, she and her crew are at your disposal. As long as you return to  port on time, you are free to roam as you wish!” And so here you are. Back from the dragons, so tired you napped right through sunset, but that’s all right. You had a delicious late dinner on the deck. Now there is a nice cool night ahead to enjoy the rocking of the cabin.

What will you do tomorrow? Sail to another island and trek to a village to experience the local culture? Skirt the mangroves in the kayak, marveling at the diversity of wading birds? You decide to table these options. Tomorrow, scuba diving. Batu Bolong beckons, a reef hidden in a dense cloud of fish, so thick you can get lost. You will be fine. You have a dive buddy to hold hands with. After the frenetic fish traffic jam of Batu Bolong, you’ll experience the opposite end of the diving spectrum.

In the shallow mangrove fringed bays of Kerang Makassar, you’ll see manta rays. Manta Rays. How? How is it that they can be so graceful. So majestic. So effortless in their stately motion. Making it look easy.  A manta passes out of sight around a corner and you look at each other, eyes full of wonder and inspiration. Each knows what the other is thinking:

At one point you felt unsure, but six months ago, something changed, and you just knew. Really knew. Relationships are not always easy. But the right one is worth it.

Watching the manta ray glide so effortlessly you both thought:

We can do this.

We can do this, and we can make it look easy.

And that’s what you tell your grandkids.


So what do you think?

Does that sound like that could be your story?

Every Mantra story is a little different. Your Mantra Honeymoon story will belong to the two of you, and you can write it together, however you like.


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