How to Get to Our Yacht

Our luxury yachts sails from several locations, depending on the trip you choose. Here is some information on how to get to our yacht departure ports from common starting places. You are welcome to plan and book your own flights and accommodation, but we recommend using our travel agency partner for travel within Indonesia. They get their commission from the hotels and airlines, so it won’t cost you more and it might cost less, plus if you have any problems they will help resolve them.

How to Get to Komodo Island from Bali

You can try a ferry, but we recommend that for speed, comfort and safety that you fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo on Flores – which is the entry point for Komodo National Park – on Garuda, Kal Star or Wings Air. Prices are around typically $100 to $150 on local budget airlines or a little more for Garuda’s higher quality service. The flight takes a mere hour and a half.

How to Get to Maumere from Bali

Maumere is the departure point for our yacht trip to Alor. While there are budget sea ferry transport options, they dont’always run on time, or at all. We recommend flying with Wings or Lion Air from Denpasar to Maumere airport. The price for the two hour flight is only around $200 and the propeller planes fly lower than commerical jets, so you get great views of the islands from above.

How to Get to Sorong from Bali

If you are headed to Raja Ampat, Sorong on West Papua will be your jumping off point. From Bali, you can fly to Sorong via Jakarta or Surubaya. Garuda airlines has the best service and comfort for the 9 hour trip.

Regional budget airlines Lion and Sriwijaya also provide cheaper service. The fights on Lion cost around $300, which is about $100 less than what you pay for Garuda’s superior service.

How to Get to Sorong from Singapore

From Singapore’s Changi airport, you can reach Sorong via Jakarta or Makassar. Singapore airlines has the nicest and most expensive service, followed closely by Garuda.

Lion Air is considerably cheaper but sometimes cancels flights and is not as comfortable. The flight with transfer is around 11 hours and will cost from $500 to $800 depending on airline choice.

How to Get to Sorong from Manado

From Mandado on Sulawesi flight time is about two hours. As usual ferries are an option but we recommend air transport.

Garuda’s prices, around $250, are almost as low as competing budget airlines Lion Air and Wings, and Sriwijaya and their service is better and their planes are more comfortable.

How to Get to Sorong from Makassar

Flights from Makasar to Sorong take a little over 2 hours and priced between $220 and $500.

Garuda, Lion Air, Wings, and Sriwijaya fly this route.

The Easiest Way to Get Around Indonesia

No matter where you start and where you want to end up, our travel agent partner makes it easy. Contact us with your request and we will work with them to get you set up with everything you need.