Breathtaking dives
Maximum Six Divers

Dive the best of world-famous Raja Ampat with a Cabin booking for one or two on the Mantra. Travel in comfort and style on a luxury yacht with a maximum of six divers total. Leave everything to us and focus on diving for a week. We'll get you to three incredible sites almost every day of the the trip.

Raja Ampat has some of the best diving in the world. Prominent ichtyologist Doctor Jerry Allen recorded 324 species here in a single dive.

Muck diving for macro - it doesn't sound exciting til you've seen the alien-looking critters that hide in the muck here! Wall diving, drifting slowly over a thriving, colorful reef to a dizzying wall, watching the weird creatures hiding in cracks in the wall watch us as we drop to the depths where we'll see big pelagics. We'll ride the currents on some drift dives too.

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