Prehistoric Lizards and Underwater Giants

Situated within the East Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia, between Sumbawa and Flores, Komodo National Park includes Komodo island itself, Rinca, Padar, and around 100 smaller islands. You can explore the area in comfort and style aboard a Komodo liveboard yacht.

Whirlpools, massive upwellings, and fast currents swirl around these islands; creating conditions for mind blowing dives. Take in time-forgotten scenes over swirling waters, watch dolphins play at the bow, and drift over gardens of astonishing reef.

Day trips over rugged volcanic plains and having the chance to see the famous Komodo Dragons will make this trip an unforgettable one for every type of traveller. Our thoughtfully planned routes will guide you around the best of Komodo, all from the stylish comfort and privacy of our traditional Phinisi sailing boat.