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Are you a travel agent? A tour operator? Do you want to become an agent for Mantra?

Inside the private charter market, Mantra fits in a specific niche , that’s why we are successfull .

Our guests are people that want to enjoy their holidays with their friends or families , they want to have the freedom to customize their itineraries , and we provide a very dedicated service , at a competitive price .

Diving is one of the activities we offer, together with kayaking, snorkeling, land excursions, and pure relaxing . We care about our guests , and we try our best to make their journey unforgettable .

We sail Komodo and Alor in the east wind season , and Raja Ampat and Halmahera in the west wind season .
During the long journeys from one destination to the other we offer exploration trips in Wakatobi, Banda, Maluku.

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