Macro, Walls, and Drift
Maximum Six Divers

Experience the best of diving in the Komodo Islands with a Cabin booking for one or two on the Mantra. Travel in comfort in style on a luxury yacht with a maximum of 6 divers total. We'll take care of everything, so you can focus on diving three dives a day in one the world's richest marine habitats.

There are around one hundred islands in the Komodos. Diving these islands, you enter a underwater world that will amaze even veteran divers. Komodo National Park is a huge marine reserve within the Amazon of the Ocean, the Coral Triangle. With the most bio-diversity in the world, crazy Ring of Fire underwater topography, and powerful currents rushing between islands, you have the perfect conditions for unforgettable diving. The drift diving is thrilling.

Set a course for adventure. Plan a cabin booking with Mantra. Come to the Komodos and get carried away.